One more dugout

One more dugout

atv in mud

Our ATV. Photo by @La_anastasia

Wooden box for shells

Wooden box for shells. Photo by @La_anastasia

On a hot summer day, a company of three of us went to explore some dugouts near a town within the Leningrad front. As you can see, we had to take an ATV there because it was way too muddy to walk. atv in the mud
We removed the ceiling from the first dugout and had to dig through rich blue clay to reach the floor. Before we even hit the floor, we started finding really interesting things, such as a wooden box for shells. It was in such good condition that it still had its leather handles. We also found a 1940 B&C Berlin cap comforter.

cap comforter

German cap comforter. Photo by @La_anastasia

We also found various trifles, such as sanitary plasters, American cans delivered by Lendliz , newspapers, Mauser and Luger cartridges and a wooden device for removing boots (see the the last photo).

American cans

American cans

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German newspaper

German newspaper

By the time we were really getting down it to business, it started to get really dark. So, we set up our tents and fried forest mushrooms we had gathered during our afternoon break over a campfire. The most delicious meal is a dinner cooked over a campfire.

Mushrooms in the forest

I am gathering mushrooms. Photo by @La_anastasia

girl digging dugout

I’m digging. Photo by @La_anastasia

The next day, we continued digging at the same dugout, and when we raised the floor, even more interesting finds began to appear. First, we found a German copper ring in the shape of a skull with eyes painted red. Unfortunately, once the ring dried up the red paint flaked off.

German ring skull

German ring in the shape of the skull. Photo by @La_anastasia

Then we found a copper 2 pfenning coin from 1916 in excellent condition!
two pfenning 1916

German two pfenning 1916. Photo by @la_anastasia

Two pfenning 1916

German two pfenning 1916. Photo by @la_anastasia

Other finds: manicure scissors, a wooden plate with the inscription “inhaltszetts”, two knives, pencils and various accessories.
wooden plate inhaltszetts and copper ring

wooden plate “inhaltszetts” and german copper ring

Right when we were done digging and about to leave, I did a quick sweep of all corners with our metal detector, just in case and heard a signal similar to a cartridge. I doubted if it was worth it to spend much energy on it after two days of work. But to my surprise, it wasn’t a cartridge, but a copper razor in perfect condition! Unfortunately, there was no stamp on it, but it’s simply amazing and in excellent condition.
Copper razor

Copper razor. Photo by @La_anastasia

Below is a general photo of all the finds from this small dugout.
Finds from dugout

All finds from dugout. Photo by @La_anastasia



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