5,000,000 Reichsmark (Notgeld)

Hello readers, I want to show you the largest coin from my collection, this is a German coin-notgeld, with a face value of 5,000,000 marks.

Notgelds (emergency / forced money) – emergency money issued into circulation by various local authorities, as well as non-governmental organizations in the period from 1914 to 1924 in Germany and Austria in connection with the crisis, lack of trifles and hyperinflation. Due to the fact that the money was not issued by the Central Bank, they, according to the legislation of the country, were not legal tender. Nevertheless, they have become a generally accepted means of payment on the territory of their circulation.

5,000,000 Reichsmarks

5,000,000 Reichsmarks. Photo by Apolon.

Lettering: Minister vom Stein•Deutschlands Führer in schwerer Zeit 1757-1831

  • Country – German Notgeld (Westphalia)
  • Type – Circulating commemorative coin
  • Year – 1923
  • Value – 5 Millionen Mark (5000000)
  • Composition – Gold plated copperи
  • Weight 33.5 g
  • Diameter 44.5 mm

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5,000,000 Reichsmarks

5,000,000 Reichsmarks. Photo by Apolon.

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InscriptionNotgeld Der Provinz Westfalen

Notgelds were issued mainly in the form of banknotes (paper, cardboard). Sometimes their material could be quite unusual – aluminum foil, silk, leather, wood. There are notgelds made from a deck of playing cards. Coins were also issued (mainly from aluminum, zinc, iron, rarely copper and bronze. Paper coins and coins are also known.

What does a coin look like in perfect condition

5,000,000 Reichsmarks

5,000,000 Reichsmarks. Photo by en.numista.com



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