My January finds

My January finds

During excavations, there are often many interesting trinkets. Modern coins, coins of the last century, buttons, and other interesting, but priceless little things accompany any excavation. Today I will show you similar finds that I have gathered over this month.

Ussr coin

5 kopecks in 1957. Pleasant condition, but its price is zero.

Silver coin

15 kopecks of 1925. When I found it, I didn’t even understand what a coin it was. Aggressive soil covered it with a layer of oxides. After cleaning, it turned out that it was a low-silver coin.


1 kopeck of 1894. It was found at the old royal training ground.

Ussr coins

Several Soviet coins. Found near the old road.  It is funny that they were wrapped in foil.


Button from the uniform of a soldier of the tsarist army. Found at an army training ground.

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Finds from the village the Germans burned in 1941.


5 kopecks in 1937,  found on the battlefield.


Beautiful button from the old village.


Finds from the old courtyard.


Coin of Elizabeth 2. Found near the old road.

German pfening

German pfening. An unusual find in our area.


Amount of garbage found during the coin search in one day.



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