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We are a team of experienced archeologists. The word ”history” means for us more than just a school subject or old men tales. It is about soldiers who died for their ideals, events which changed the course of history, ancient settlements and many other interesting things which we want to tell you about by means of this website.

We identify soldiers’ names and transmit them to their motherland, where they will rest with piece alongside with their relatives.

Every soldier died during that Great War has got his own story and very last moment, which we can tell you about. In order to honour the memory of those people and reveal the last moments of their lives our team heads for the fields without sparing our time and money. As we are not sponsored by government or other political forses.

Those who remained unidentified we burry in the mass graves, where people could keep the graves tidy and bring flowers on the Victory Day.

Moreover we want to show you how many fascinating things lie in the ground under your feet without you understanding this.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

New articles every day, more finds and even more history. Every day we stay one step ahead.

Join us, read our articles and check for updates. We will be glad to share with you our researches and finds.

Our team

ApolonAdministrator / Editor-in-Chief / Author

Hello my friends. The idea of ​​creating a website with my friends belongs to me, since I have been doing archeology for more than 7 years, and I want to share my findings, knowledge, interesting stories with people from all over the world. Our project is a way of transmitting closed and sometimes not available to all information for you, dear readers of our website.

My love for historical events, relics, wars, people who changed history began in my childhood. And until that moment it did not fade away. I got my first metal detector exactly 7 years ago and since that moment I have not missed a single opportunity to get out in search of any relics. History and the search for history for me is an opportunity to realize my plans. I have already managed to find many relics as well as soldiers both of the Red Army and the Wehrmacht who disappeared on the battlefield. All these episodes from my personal experience have already been described in articles on our website. Do not miss it, as there is even more.

Sanchez SEO Manager / Author

Hello readers, my name is Paul and I am one of the technical staff on our website. My task, in addition to telling you about the fate of the soldiers and relics of the Second World War, is also to make our page one of the best and most competitive in its terms around the world in the search engines you use.

I got keen on history and military archeology since I was a child, when my grandfather took me to the battlefield near my village, and told me everything he saw with his own eyes. Quite a time has passed since that moment, but I am still fascinated with the idea of returning the memory of the war and its exploits, about the returning home of the soldiers, died on the battlefield. Thank you for visiting us, I will be glad to see you again in my articles. High five friend.

VitaminAdministrator / Author

Hello dear reader! I have been fascinated by history since my school days. I was interested in all periods of human history (from human prehistory to modern times). In 2013, I was presented with my first metal detector, and to this day, the search for relics is a part of my life.

Last year, me and my friends decided to create a website. Now our site is successfully functioning and developing. Here you can find not only interesting historical facts and events, but also interesting articles about our excavations. I hope you will enjoy it. P.S. You can write all your suggestions and comments to us personally (contact information is given on the main page). Faithfully yours, Vitamin.


Alex – Translator / Editor

Hi! My name is Alex and I am a website translator. The way I became a part of WW2 relics team is one of those spontaneous and unpredictable ones, which always occur in world history and which often determine its future.

I am fond of history and archeology, though my main subject and sphere of interests deals with Indological studies, that is Indian languages (Hindi , Sanskrit) and Culture. I always seek for new knowledge and becoming more aware about what history teaches us. And I believe you, our dear readers, will find on this site many useful lessons along with interesting historical facts too.

Greg – Autor

Hello! I am a collector of antique and modern firearms. I also work as a practical shooting instructor. I have been doing archeology for over 10 years. Most of the time I search for WW2 relics.

I have been interested in excavations since childhood. I was born in Russia and when I was still very young, local archaeologists took me with them to excavations of ancient settlements. From that moment on, I decided for myself that I would study history not only from textbooks.


La_anastasia – Autor

Hi! My name is Anastasia and I’m one of the authors on relicsww2.net Searching for relics has been a part of my life for 12 years . I bought my first metal detector with my first salary when I was a student and since then I haven’t given up this hobby.

At first I was looking for historical finds, but 5 years ago I was actively involved in the search of World War II relics, and now I devote most of my life to it. Many photos, different stories and adventures that happen to me and my team during the search for relics you can read in my articles.

relics ww2

Project start – March 10, 2020


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