350 year old peasant basement

350 year old peasant basement

Hello everyone! Do you ever wonder if archaeologists like me have to dig deep holes in order to find something? Wonder no more! The answer is very simple: the deeper you dig, the more you find. And our latest expedition to the vicinity of the city of Lysychansk (Ukraine) was no exception. We brought in so many interesting finds. First of all, we are interested in rare coins

We got up early and headed off to a mountain slope near the village of X. According to our research, it was as peasant settlement in the 17-18 centuries.

One clue that we made it to the village was a small hill, indicating what used to be a house with a basement. We knew there were many possibilities for cool finds, so we started digging.

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Old house

Depth of pit after two hours of excavation. Photo by Apolon

Two hours into the dig, we discovered animal bones that were stored as food in this basement!

Basement excavation

My friend is trying to get something interesting out of the pit.

Another 20 minutes passed and I heard my friend yell, “YES!” We found a five kopeck coin of Empress Catherine II 1782. Absolutely incredible!

five kopeek of Empress Catherine II

Five kopeek of Empress Catherine II. Photo by Apolon

Five kopeek of Empress Catherine II

Five kopeek of Empress Catherine II. Photo by Apolon

This is one of the largest and most beautiful coins of Imperial Russia, and here she lay for more than 300 years at a depth of about two meters, waiting for us. How many finds are still waiting for us in the basement? We won’t know until we return, as we only managed to dig up 30% of the basement. We’ll find out soon!





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