Destroyed Royal Tiger Tankman Rudy Kaiser

Destroyed Royal Tiger Tankman Rudy Kaiser

The royal Tiger (Panzerkampfwagen VI Ausf) from the 3rd company of the 511th heavy tank battalion, shot down near the city of Kassel, Germany, April 1945. The car was hit by a tank destroyer from the 702nd US anti-tank battalion, while the Tiger driver, Rudi Kaiser, died.

During the existence of the battalion almost all tiger modifications passed through it.

In February 1945, the 1st company was re-equipped with 10 Hatzer tank destroyers.

In March 1945, the third company received 8 Tiger II tanks at the Henschel-Werke factory in Kassel. One of these eight tanks is in the photo.

Initially, the tanks belonged to the 502nd heavy tank battle. In November 1944, the 502nd Heavy Tank Battalion was renamed to 511th Heavy Tank Battalion and sent under Königsberg to the Pillau area. In February 1945, tanks remained only in the 2nd company of the battalion. The last tank of the battalion was destroed on April 27, 1945.

As you can see some Tigers had a drawn swastika on the front armor.

Drawn swastika on the front armor

Drawn swastika on the front armor of the Tiger.

According to available information, the photo was taken in May-June 1945. We managed to find earlier photos (Mid April 1945).

Destroyed tiger II

Destroyed Tiger II April1945.

Drawing conclusions, we can say that the swastika as a sign of the Reich was invariably drawn on the tank’s armor after the war’s operations by soldiers of the allied forces or local residents.

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Royal Tiger 511 heavy tank battalion from different sides

Royal Tiger 511 heavy tank battalion from different sides.

In total, from November 1943 to March 1945, 489 heavy Tiger 2 tanks were launched and sent to combat tank units of the Wehrmacht and SS.

Unfortunately, the further fate of this tank is unknown. If you have any information please share it in the comments.



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