Excavation season opening 2020

Excavation season opening 2020

The holidays have now past. We are at the height of winter, yet there is still no snow. With the outdoor temperature of +3 degrees Celsius, you know what this means: the opening of excavation season 2020!

It was decided: Five of us were free Friday afternoon, and that’s when we packed up the car and drove off to an old village. On the way to the village, we passed by several huge quarries with loads of heavy equipment (we found out later that they mine clay for a ceramic factory. The scale of their work is colossal!)

An hour later we arrived at the site and immediately began detecting and digging. Within 30 minutes, I found my first interesting find: a 1 kopeck (penny) from 1829. With this find, I opened my 2020’s excavation season!

One of the clay quarries. In life, it is prettier than in the photo.

One of the clay quarries. The photo does not do it justice. 

1 kopek

My first find in 2020. Check out this coin from 1829.

Reverse coins. It depicts an eagle of the Russian Empire.

The back of the coin, depicting the eagle of the Russian Empire.

40 meters away, I again heard a good signal. Another coin! This time it was 2 kopeck from 1857.


Finding a coin in a pile of soil is not so simple.

It gets dark early, so an hour later the sun started to go down and we slowly but surely made our ways back towards the car. We changed our clothes, put away our metal detectors, and showed our finds to each other. My finds: two more antique buttons and a broken silver wedding ring. The other guys: a few coins and crosses. Everyone was very pleased with this trip.

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Finds of the whole day. At the bottom left are a broken silver ring and an old silver earring.


A few more finds.



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