Full box of rare bayonets. Amazing treasures at the end of 2019!

Full box of rare bayonets. Amazing treasures at the end of 2019!

“All my life I did not believe in all these stories of diggers about boxes with Nagant and TT pistols until this story happened to me”–  quote from user Stohod’s story on reibert.info forum.

At the beginning of the hare hunting season, a few hunters made their way to the forested area of the Kherson region (Ukraine). After waiting for an hour and no sign of any hare, they found it a bit boring with nothing to do, so they decided to go for a walk in the forest.

At the edge of the forest, they spotted a bunch of discarded equipment in a circle. Clearly, there used to be a small village here, but since there was no water or gas in the circle, they figured it was a repair area for broken tractors during the USSR days.

“Due to the fact that there was a lot of time and there was nothing to do, I began to sort the rubble, after a few minutes under the ruins I saw two suitcases.”

A treasure of German bayonets

Two suitcases are found under the ruins. Photo by Стоход

Opening the suitcases, the author of the find was stunned.

A treasure of German bayonets

The contents of the first suitcase. Photo by Стоход

As we see in the suitcase, he found ten German bayonets (both ordinary and ceremonial, officer), and hunting knives.

What is in the second suitcase we will never know, as “There was nothing in the small suitcase that could be more interesting than the contents of the first suitcase. Therefore, there was no sense in showing it ”

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Wehrmacht parade bayonet.

Wehrmacht parade bayonet. Photo by Стоход

Dagger SA

Dagger SA. Photo by Стоход

SA Dagger Hilt

SA Dagger Hilt. Photo by Стоход

There were some challenges in getting the suitcases out of the forest: the handles of the suitcases were broken, the suitcases were extremely heavy, and the car was far away. So, they decided to bury the suitcases in the forest and return the next day to pick them up. And, as far as we know, everything went well!

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