German sapper who did not have time to escape

German sapper who did not have time to escape

On September 11, members of the Bogdanov search squad found a Wehrmacht soldier, along with his ammunition gear, in the area of ​​the village of Polunino in the Tver Region. The same search group held soldier exhumation.

The death token (still hanging on the soldier’s neck) revealed that the deceased soldier was a sapper in the second company of the 14th battalion. After decryption, the members of the search squad immediately turned to the archive and received the following data about it:

The report of the orderly of the 58th regiment, who saw that: “N.K. received a bullet wound in the head (in fact, a wound from a fragment of a mine) and was left in the trench, as Russian soldiers broke into the German soldiers front line, and the orderlies could not evacuate N.K.  from the battlefield”

German dog-tag

Pioneer dog-tag. Photo by bogdanov_group

2./Pi. Ers. 14 – 2 Pioneer Ersac 14 (Batalion)

894-Soldier’s personal number

German soldier

Exhumation of a German soldier. Photo by bogdanov_group

2019 Polunino, Tverskaya Oblast’, Russia
by bogdanov_group



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