Hitler Youth Knife – German Scout Weapon

Hitler Youth Knife – German Scout Weapon

Created in 1933, the knife is difficult to be unambiguously classified as an edged weapon. Much more like a weapon of household life or a tourist knife. Judge for yourself: one-sided sharpening, the absence of a cross (it is replaced by an emphasis for a finger) and a rounded point – it is hardly convenient to hit the enemy with such a knife.

*Initially, these weapons were supplied to all members of the Hitler youth organization, regardless of rank and position, but later a special dagger was developed for the command staff.

The knife could be easily bought in any store selling uniforms and equipment. But the knife should be worn exclusively on the left side of the belt or harness. And not just anyhow, but strictly vertically and so that the emblem of the organization is visible – a red-white rhombus with a swastika on the handle. It was strictly forbidden to change anything in the design of the knife or attachment. As well as adding extraneous inscriptions or stamps to the blade or scabbard.

Hitler Youth Knife

Hitler Youth Knife. Photos from zonwar.ru

The blade has only one cutting edge and contains the stamp of control RZM on the front side, and on the reverse – the date and brand of the manufacturer.

Technical characteristics of the Hitler Youth knife 1933:

  • Blade Length: 140;
  • Blade Width: 25;
  • Total length: 245;
  • Sheath Length: 255
Hitler Youth Knife

Hitler Youth Knife. Photos from zonwar.ru

The following statements by Hitler about the Hitler Youth are known:

“Extraordinarily active, domineering, cruel youth – this is what I will leave behind. In our knightly castles we will grow up youth, before whom the world shudders. Young people should be indifferent to pain. There should be no weakness, no tenderness. I want to see in her eyes the gleam of a predatory beast. “

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Hitler Youth Knife

“Blut und Ehre”. Photos from zonwar.ru

What was written on the knife?

Like most knives of Hitler Germany, the Hitler Youth knife had an etched motto “Blood and Honor” (German: “Blut und Ehre”) on the blade. The same motto was engraved on the buckles of uniform belts. In the modern world, the use of this motto related to Nazi symbolism and ideology is considered a crime. This is entirely justified, since this phrase has the most direct relation to the origins of Nazism – the Nuremberg racial laws of 1935, which were later officially called the Law on the Protection of German Blood and German Honor.




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