Holocaust General. The grave of Hitler’s “butcher” was opened in Berlin

Holocaust General. The grave of Hitler’s “butcher” was opened in Berlin

Reinhard Heydrich

Reinhard Heydrich was one of the initiators of the “final solution of the Jewish question” (Photo: WIKI)

As BBC reports unknown people in Berlin uncovered the grave of Reinhard Heydrich, one of the main culprits of the Holocaust, nicknamed the Butcher, whom Adolf Hitler called “a man with an iron heart.”

There was no tombstone with his name on the grave in the Invalidenfriedhof cemetery in central Berlin. According to preliminary information, the ashes of Heydrich remained untouched. Berlin police are trying to identify the unknown.

Reinhard Heydrich grave (Photo: www.mekulipress.com)

Butcher and Executioner

“The Jews should be deprived of their livelihood. Germany should become a country for them without a future.” Reinhard Heydrich May 1934

Obergruppenführer Heydrich was called “the evil genius of Himmler.” He headed the General Directorate of Imperial Security, which was subordinate to the German Security Police and the Gestapo. Historians consider Reinhard Heydrich the second most guilty Holocaust organizer after Hitler himself. It was Heydrich who headed the Wannsee Conference in January 1942, in the framework of which the “final solution of the Jewish question” was decided, that is, the murder of Jews in Europe was planned.

Reinhard Heydrich

Reinhard Heydrich (far right) pictured alongside Adolf Hitler in Vienna in 1938 (Photo: Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Heydrich was in charge of the Gestapo before the Second World War and was later one of the architects of the Final Solution, directing the transportation of tens of thousands of Jews from Czechoslovakia to ghettos in Minsk and Riga.

Heinrich Himmler was impressed by him immediately

While Himmler was planning a counterintelligence division for the SS unit, he was persuaded by a friend of von Osten’s to interview Heydrich for the job of managing this project. Initially, Himmler canceled the appointment, but von Osten ignored this news and sent Heydrich packing to meet with Nazi officials anyway.

Himmler agreed to the interview regardless and was immediately taken by his plans for the new operation. Heydrich was hired in the blink of an eye, and once again made his way up through the rankings quickly and efficiently. Himmler even promoted him to SS Major as a wedding gift.

Heydrich was killed in Prague on May 27, 1942 by Czechoslovak partisans who collaborated with British intelligence.

 blown up Reinhard Heydrich car

Mercedes 320 Convertible B; after the 1942 assassination attempt in Prague (Photo: Bundesarchiv)

The Czechoslovak government, exiled to London, was intent on taking down Heydrich. So the British Special Operations Executive (SOE) trained a team of assassins to carry out this plan of execution. The team was led by Jan Kubis and Jozef Gabcik. On May 27, 1942, Heydrich was on his way to meet with Hitler.

As he was rounding a winding curve in the road, Kubis and Gabcik carried out their operation. Gabcik’s gun failed to fire at Heydrich, but they’d been spotted, and Heydrich ordered his driver to stop so he could confront them. While the vehicle was stopped, Kubis threw a bomb that hit the rear of the vehicle, exploding on impact. Heydrich was wounded badly on his left side and taken to a hospital, where he later fell into a coma and died.

After his death, the Nazis in revenge destroyed the village of Lidice, whose inhabitants were accused of sheltering partisans. The entire male population over 15 years old was killed, and women and children were deported to concentration camps.



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