In Denmark, a teenager found the wreckage of a German aircraft of the WWII

In Denmark, a teenager found the wreckage of a German aircraft of the WWII

Daniel Christiansen, a 14-year-old Danish resident, found in a field on a family farm the remains of a German soldier from World War II with the remains of a pilot in the cockpit. This was reported by the local radio station DR P4 Nordjylland.

Luftwaffe insignia preserved on pilot uniform (Foto: Janus Jacobsen © DR Nórdjylland)

From the stories of his grandfather, Daniel’s father knew about the plane crashed in the swamps on the farm’s territory. It was he who proposed to go in search of “Messerschmitt” when his son was asked at school to write a work on World War II.
Christiansen found parts of the fighter with a metal detector. It was possible to dig out the plane with the help of an excavator.
Presumably, the plane crashed in November or December 1944.

Aircraft crash site

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The remains of the pilot, found in the cockpit of the fighter, along with his possessions were transferred to the local museum. Archaeologists told the correspondent of the radio station that things were well preserved in the swamps. Among the things of the Luftwaffe soldier were found cigarettes, condoms and documents.
So far, the identity of the deceased has not been established. Museum staff said that when this is done, they will contact the German Embassy to follow the procedure.




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