Metal detector for beach searching – how to choose

Metal detector for beach searching – how to choose

You don’t need to be an incorrigible romantic to dream of finding untold treasures of robbers or a treasure of ancient rulers. To do this, you need to choose the right metal detector for beach. Today, the search for precious metals in coins, jewelry, old rarities, lost or hidden deliberately in the beach, and their further implementation is a profitable business for a fairly wide category of people.

Many are looking for gold and silver in order to enrich their personal collection. But for the process to be really successful, special equipment is required. Metal detectors for amateurs, semi-professionals and professionals are becoming more and more popular specialized equipment today. Specialized stores offer a wide range of similar products, adapted for the search for precious metals, taking into account the specifics of various landscapes and environments. Which metal detector is better for a beach search and what to focus on when choosing – will be discussed in this article.

Metal detector for beach

Metal detector for beach

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Key points when choosing a metal detector for your beach search

Beginners in the search for precious metals are guided by two parameters when choosing their first metal detector:

  • cost;
  • detection depth.

Brand also plays a role: most take into account the recommendations of friends and, of course, advertising. Understanding which metal detector is best to buy for the beach comes with experience. Often, working with budget versions is more effective than with products from well-known brands. You always need to think sensibly and first of all evaluate for what purposes a metal detector is needed, how it will be used, and whether all the functions that an expensive professional metal detector has will be used in reality.

Which metal detector to choose and buy for searching on the beach depends primarily on the type of beach search.

There are only three of them:

1. Without entering the water in the coastal zone.

2. In shallow water.

3.With entry into the water to a depth of the waist and deeper (but without full immersion).

Metal detector for beach

It is logical that, depending on the type of search, you will need different devices, tools and metal detectors with different functions and capabilities.

Beach search on the shore, without entering the water

Which metal detector to choose and buy for searching on the beach in this case? A standard model without sealing will do. The coastal zone is being investigated, including wet sand along the surf line. This is important, as the waves overturn the sandy rocks and raise lost precious metal items – rings, earrings, chains to the surface. To search for precious metals along the coastline, the simplest, inexpensive metal detector with a low degree of sensitivity will be enough. Otherwise, the device will pick up the smallest metal particles in the ground, while in reality it contains no value.

Which metal detector for the beach is the best of the inexpensive ones – the one that knows how to differentiate between aluminum beer cans and corks, so you don’t have to waste time digging out such garbage. This feature is really valuable and is available on the Garrett ACE models that range from $ 160 to $ 500. For example, in our opinion, the Garrett ACE 300 or Fisher F44 are the best budget option for a beach search. In addition to useful features, these models have waterproof coils. You can safely immerse the metal detector in water by the control unit.

Garrett ACE Metal detector for beach

Fisher F44 Metal detector for beach

Searching on the beach with immersion in water, which matte detector to choose for these purposes?

With this type of investigation of a river or seabed, you will need a metal detector with a sealed housing, since searches are carried out under water. In addition, it happens that the metal detector slips out of your hands and is completely submerged under water. Therefore, the issue of sealing is extremely important in this case. The Garrett AT series has proven itself well. For example, one of the models is the Garrett AT MAX – the top model in this line. They perfectly withstand immersion in water to a depth of three meters.

Garrett AT MAX Metal detector for beach

Nowadays, almost all manufacturers offer a wide range of metal detectors for searching in water. Here, depending on the depth of immersion, everyone decides for himself which metal detector is better for beach search – with a sealed case or specialized for underwater research. Amphibious metal detectors come in various models, designed for submersion to 10 meters, 30, 50 or 60 meters. All of them are completely sealed, the sound signal is fed into the headphones. If such a device slips out of hand, it floats to the surface. Experienced treasure hunters highlight the Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II and Minelab Excalibur models.

Garrett Sea Hunter Mark II


Minelab Excalibur Metal detector for beach


The question of which metal detector to choose for a beach search on salty dry or wet sand deserves a separate consideration. Such soil differs in structure from dry or wet river sand, it is too complex for a standard metal detector. An inexpensive metal detector will perceive salt impurities as metal particles and give false signals, when in fact there is nothing of value in the sand. Therefore, when choosing a metal detector, you need to clearly determine what kind of search and where you will carry out.

Today there are models that can easily cope with wet ground, but they cost several times more than conventional ones. Here, the treasure hunter decides for himself whether the intended investment goal is worth it, or you can get by with a simpler, affordable model.

What is the best metal detector for beach searching?

If you want to search ashore (the first type of beach search), then any cheap metal detector will work for you.

Why any cheap metal detector?

There are several reasons for this.

  • You do not need to dig deep (no more than one bayonet of a shovel), therefore, no greater depth is needed
  • You do not need high sensitivity (because otherwise the metal detector will react to very small inclusions in the sand, but there will be no target in this place)
  • You don’t need ground balance

There are expensive metal detectors with a special function – searching on salty soils or beaches. Yes, cool! Only money is a pity. After all, you can get by with a simpler model with the same success. Yes, and sand can damage it, or it can be stolen (after all, you are on vacation and do not always walk with the device).

What will be useful for a beach metal detector?

A beach metal detector will benefit from the ability to discriminate between aluminum corks and beer can tongues.


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