Nameless officer of the Red Army

Nameless officer of the Red Army

Remember we discovered this soldier? We recently found an officer just a meter away. We were really hoping to identify this great man, but unfortunately, there was no identity medallion. We searched everywhere: looking through his shoes, his wallet, sorted through coins, etc.  Continuing the exhumation of the Soviet soldier, we still managed to find something. Finally, we found an extremely faded document in his wallet, which we immediately packed in an airtight package to examine later.


The soldier was deep enough. Photo from the special search organization “Vertical” archive.

Apart from looking for identification, we looked for signs of how he died. While inspecting his body, it became clear that he died from bullet and shrapnel wounds. While alive, he was armed with a rifle SVT-40, as evidenced by the store with ammunition for the SVT-40 found under his head. A cartridge pouch and bayonet for the same rifle hung on his belt. The rifle itself was most likely taken by his colleagues, due to shortages in weapons during those difficult times.

Finding soldiers

Final photo of the remains of an officer. Photo from the special search organization “Vertical” archive.

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It appears that the man is a junior officer. We found an officer belt, a compass, and leather boots, one of which had a spoon in it!

Leather boots were beaten on a soldier, in one of them was a spoon.

Spoon was in the boot. Photo from the special search organization “Vertical” archive.

Unfortunately, the document found with the fighter was completely illegible. As feared, this officer will forever remain nameless.

Thanks to the guys from the special search organization “Vertical” for their work in finding the dead and missing soldiers.



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