November dugout

November dugout

Finally, the working week ended, and my comrades and I were able to get out into the forest. Upon arrival, we camped. It suddenly began to rain, but we were not afraid of this, because we were dressed for the weather. After a hearty breakfast, we started excavating. My first find was an empty magazine from the German MG-34 machine gun. Then I found a German dump, in which there were several combs, a razor, and many glass bubbles (most likely it was perfume).

These findings were standard for me, so I was not particularly happy with them. At last something round and green seemed from the earth. Having flushed the find with water I was delighted. It was a German mirror, depicting German soldiers and tanks on the back. The inscription read – the years of the war 1939 – 1942. What would it mean?

German mirror depicting the advance of the troops. Photo from «Война в болотах».


German mirror depicting the advance of the troops. Photo from “Война в болотах”.

After hours of walking, we came to the dugout, which was completely flooded. By means of a pump, water was pumped out. We started digging it out. The first find from the dugout was the lid of a German bowler in good condition (in factory paint). Following it was a bowler in the same condition. After another half an hour, the Soviet SVT-40 sniper rifle appeared. I was not at all surprised that it was in the German dugout. The Germans loved this rifle for its accuracy and range. The next war find was a sapper shovel with a wooden handle, on which was the inscription 1916.


SVT-40 sniper rifle, and other finds from the dugout. Photo from “Война в болотах”.

sapper shovel and German bowler

Sapper shovel and German bowler. Photo from “Война в болотах”.

The last interesting find was the winter horse sled, which we did not dig up completely. So the day came to an end, and we gathered around the fire for a pleasant conversation and a delicious dinner. In the morning we gathered our camp and went back to the usual city bustle.

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Horse sleigh. Photo from “Война в болотах”.


All finds for this day. Photo from “Война в болотах”.



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