NSKK Badges

NSKK Badges

Hi friends, I recently found this NSKK badge with my metal detector near one very old road. After cleaning, it adorned my collection. Further, I will tell you more about it and the organization member of which was its master.

NSKK – National Socialist Motorized Corps (Nalionalsozialtstisches Kraftfahrkorps). The organization (NSKK) arose in 1931 as the successor of the National Socialist Automobile Corps of the SA that existed since 1930.

NSKK Badges

NSKK Badges during cleaning. Photo by Apolon.

NSKK organization

In 1932, the NSCC had 10,000 members, in 1934 – 350,000, and by 1939 it had grown to 500,000 members. The tasks of the NSCC included: monitoring the use of motor vehicles, the development of motorism, the promotion of car tourism, the organization of sports competitions, police assistance in patrolling autobahns, and the dissemination of ideas of national socialism.

It was the badge of this organization that I managed to find with a metal detector.


NSKK Organiation

The NSKK included 23 sports motorcycle schools. Adolf Hünlein was the Korpsführer (Corps Leader) of the National Socialist Motor Corps from 1931 until his death in 1942. And after his death in 1942, the leader of the NSKK became Erwin Kraus.

The NSKK served as a training organization, mainly instructing members in the operation and maintenance of high-performance motorcycles and automobiles. The NSKK was further used to transport NSDAP and SA officials/members. The NSKK also served as a roadside assistance group in the mid-1930s, comparable to the modern-day American Automobile Association or the British Automobile Association. With the outbreak of World War II NSKK ranks were recruited to serve in the transport corps of various German military branches. There was also a French section of the NSKK which was organized after the German occupation of France began in 1940. The NSKK was the smallest of the Nazi Party organizations

NSKK Badges

NSKK Badges during cleaning. Photo by Apolon.



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    Giles Weait 6 месяцев

    Hi this badge lovely though it is; isn’t for the Nskk but for the firm Adler who manufactured trucks in the Tr period.

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