Old but dangerous:Bayonet for Mauser 98(k)

Old but dangerous:Bayonet for Mauser 98(k)

From the collection of Mr.G

Since childhood, I was interested in military history, weapons and everything related to the war. I think the guy in this photo shares my interests in knives:

American soldier and his knives

American soldier and his trophies.

This bayonet was one of the first to get into my collection when I was 15 years old. Then I was very lucky, the condition of this knife was close to perfect. Not a sharpened blade, original lining on the handle … In those early years, it was the best birthday present for me.

Just look at these weapons! For more than 70 years they layed in the old attic:

bayonet for mauser

Bayonet for Mauser 98(k).

Brand of the manufacturer – Machinenhaus Ferlach “omc” 39.  With such a stigma, bayonets were made only in 1939.


The number on the sheath is the same as on the blade.

bayonet 98(k)

A total of 6,000 bayonets were issued with stigma “omc”. Pretty rare knife.

The suspension of this bayonet is also original. I love things that have traces of history!

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German soldiers with bayonet

German soldiers with the same bayonet mounted on Mauser 98(k)



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