One of the last amazing coin of Louis XIV

One of the last amazing coin of Louis XIV

A few years ago, I found this incredible silver coin with a face value of 20 salts of the emperor of France Ludwik XIV. What it was doing around here, we’ll never know. Here’s some research I did on the coin:

silver coin

Coin before being removed from the ground. Photo by Sanchez

silver coin 2

Сoin reverse. Photo by Sanchez

cleared coin

Cleaned up coin. Photo by Sanchez

20 salts with "badges"

20 salts with “badges”, 1707, silver (6.14 grams, 798 standart, diameter 26 mm). “LVD XIIII D G FR ET NAV REX”, “DOMINE SALVVM FAC REGEM 9”. Theoretical weight of 6.196 grams with a sample of 10 denier (833).

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*Louis XIV (1643-1715) received full power only after the death of Cardinal Mazarin in 1661. The period from 1661 to 1673 in the history of France is the most crowded of all kinds of reforms. It was during these years that the monarchy was trying to carry out a complete reorganization of state institutions in the social and economic sphere. However, the Edict of Nantes is canceled, the Catholic flight from the country begins. The Sun King was also marked by a long series of wars, which, of course, demanded a huge amount of money.

Louis XIV

Louis XIV



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