Restoration of a cockade from German officer’s cap

Restoration of a cockade from German officer’s cap

Rewards and various badges are always appreciated among collectors. They are even more valuable if it is a personal find. Therefore, it was always important for me to preserve and restore every interesting thing that I found. One of them is a part of the cockade from German officer cap.
I was very happy when I found it, but cockade was in a very bad condition. It was bent in half, covered with dirt and oxide. And yet, I decided to take a chance, and the result made me very happy!

cockade from German officer’s cap

Сockade from German officer’s cap.

cockade from German officer’s cap

Washed сockade.

To begin with, the cockade was placed in a distilled water for a week. After that, cleaning with a scalpel and a copper brush took place. Cockade fracture place had to be soldered with tin.

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Restoration process

Restoration process.

At the end restoration of relics, the cockade was slightly acidified and polished.

Cockade after restoration

Cockade after restoration.

Here’s a similar cockade on an officer’s headdress:

German officer

Photo of Erwin Rommel in a cap. The same cockade has been restored. Photos from the Internet.



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