Restoration of the German award

Restoration of the German award

I described the history of the find in the article – Forest roads (part 2) .

DRL Badges

DRL Badges found in the ground. Photo by Sanchez.

And now, I want to share with you the result of the restoration of this award. But first of all, what is this reward?

German Sports Badge

officer ss photo

Photo of SS officer with a DRL award.The German Sports Badge, also known as the “German National Sports Badge” was first created in the year 1913 and is one of the oldest awards of Germany still in active circulation.

The Deutscher Reichsbund für Leibesübungen (DRL) was established on 27th July 1934 as the official sports governing body of the Third Reich.

Between 1934 and 1939, the German Sports Badge was overshadowed by an almost identical decoration, the SA Sports Badge which was a sports badge issued by the Nazi Party. Even so, the German Sports Badge was still regarded as an important qualification badge, and both the SA Sports Badge and German Sports Badge could both be earned and worn on the uniform at the same time.

The SS considered the German Sports Badge of particular importance and the decoration was one of nine awards which were listed on the front of all SS service records with spaces for qualification dates. Regulations of the Allgemeine-SS required a prospective SS candidate to qualify for both the German Sports Badge and the SA Sports Badge during a six month probationary period upon joining the SS. Notable SS recipients of the German Sports Badge include Reinhard Heydrich, Joseph Mengele, Hermann Fegelein and Amon Göth.


First of all, the reward was soaked for two weeks in distilled water. After that, the dirt got wet and began to fall away. Pieces of rust also started to crumble.

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Award after distilled water. Photo by Sanchez.

After that, mechanical cleaning with a scalpel began.

 mechanical cleaning with a scalpel

Mechanical cleaning with a scalpel . Photo by Sanchez.

The end result of relics restoration after light polishing!

Purified Award

Purified Award. Photo by Sanchez.

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