Restoring Luger P08 Pistol

Restoring Luger P08 Pistol

In my free time, I like to restore things found during excavations. This article is dedicated to the legendary pistol Luger P-08.

Luger P-08

p-08 pistol

Luger P-08

The Pistole Parabellum—or Parabellum-Pistole (Pistol Parabellum), commonly known as just Luger—is a toggle-locked recoil-operated semi-automatic pistol which was produced in several models and by several nations from 1898 to 1948. The design was first patented by Georg Luger as an improvement upon the Borchardt Automatic Pistol and was produced as the Parabellum Automatic Pistol, Borchardt-Luger System by the German arms manufacturer Deutsche Waffen und Munitionsfabriken (DWM).

The Luger is well known from its use by Germans during World War I and World War II, along with the interwar Weimar Republic and the postwar East German Volkspolizei. The P.08 was introduced in 7.65mm Parabellum, though it is notable for being the pistol for which the 9×19mm Parabellum cartridge was developed, also known as the 9×19mm Luger.

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The Luger that I found, by its look was far from that beautiful one you saw at the beginning of the article. He was found at the bottom of the trench. The gun burned out, the cartridges in it exploded, corrosion penetrated deeply into the metal structure …

Gun before restoration

Luger p-08 before restoration. Photo by Sanchez.

destroyed handle

The handle is destroyed by an explosion of ammunition. Photo by Sanchez.

Luger p-08

View from above. Photo by Sanchez.

cartridges still in the gun

Few cartridges still in the gun. Photo by Sanchez.

First of all, the gun was washed in water. Then for a month immersed in kerosene. This allowed to open the shutter and move some details.

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weapon recovery process

During the restoration, the shutter opened. Photo by Sanchez.

weapon recovery process 2

Fuse photo.

weapon recovery process 4

Fuse photo.

weapon recovery process 3

Then the gun was warmed up with a burner and cooled.  The barrel had to be replaced because this one was too rusty. After cleaning and restoration of relics pistol, all mechanisms worked. Now it looks like this:

gun after cleaning

Gun after cleaning. All the mechanisms worked.

Open shutter

gun after cleaning

Case in the chamber.



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