Bridgehead discovers the remains of 25 Soviet soldiers

Bridgehead discovers the remains of 25 Soviet soldiers

Search work is fraught with challenges, the main one being winter weather. Just imagine heavy rain turning into snow, snow turning into rain, and all of it accompanied by biting cold wind. In such conditions, I don’t want to let my nose out of my scarf, let alone go digging in the forest. Also such weather complicates the soldiers exhumation.

But one thing about us hunters is that nothing can keep us away from searching, not even sub-zero temperatures. When the winter calls, we just put on our thick coats, waterproofs, and leather boots and we get to work searching for the missing and dead of World War II.



Searchers from “Bridgehead”.

On December 23, 2017, while searching the fields in the Slavyansk region (Donetsk region), the Association of Military-Historical Heritage Researchers “Bridgehead” (from People’s Memory Union) discovered a mass grave of soldiers of the Red Army using a metal detector.

It took 2 days to work to uncover the grave, which turned out to be a large find of 25 soldiers, along with various steel items, which were very rusted over: engineer shovels, grenades and cartridges.

Fragments of military equipment, as well as buttons from the overcoat, indicate that the grave dates back to the end (winter) of 1942. Most importantly, the team found that four soldiers had VOCs (personal identification marks), which may make it possible to establish their names of the other unidentified.

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In total, 25 remains were found from one pit.

The found remains of soldiers will be handed over for temporary storage, and later buried with all honors. Identification of the deceased continues.



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