Such an amazing field. Search with metal detector

Such an amazing field. Search with metal detector

We came to this field for the first time in March. There was almost no snow this winter, the ground was not frozen and it was very convenient to dig in the field. We studied German aerial photography of 1942 in advance and came to the conclusion that German rear positions were located in this place.

When we got there, the first signals of our metal detectors immediately went off, we started digging (in Leningrad front) and realized that we were not mistaken. The first signal I got was a half of a German dog-tag, and two meters from it my friend found its other half. It was a lost dog-tag, the remains of a soldier were not nearby.

Find with metal detector

Then we came across a small pit, there were glass jars, toothbrushes, a penknife and a spoon.

There is a stream not far from this place. We decided to go down and walk along the coast. And there, too, were everywhere signals and traces from the past. For example, a whole flask with a bullet mark near the neck and a set of spoons and forks.

In total, we spent every weekend in this field from March to June in spite of the heat and mosquitoes. Among the finds in this field were ten German buckles Gottmituns.

Homemade German ashtray from a 210 mm sleeve from a morser 18 howitzer.

And even a treasure of copper coins of the Russian Empire, which someone buried in the period from 1763 to 1804! We found it absolutely by accident and were very surprised. In total, there were more than 200 coins of Catherine the Second and Paul the First.

It’s summer now and the field is overgrown with tall grass. It is already difficult to dig there because of this. But we will definitely return there in the fall!



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