Two M40 helmets and a bunch of other relics

Two M40 helmets and a bunch of other relics

The long-awaited day had come – my friend and I were back in the forest! The weather was beautiful – the warm gentle autumn sun shined. And we were standing at the dugout and imagining the coveted finds that could be in it. But stop dreaming – it was time to dig. The dugout was again filled with water, which we successfully removed using an ordinary bucket (this time we didn’t take the pump). The first find appeared – the lid from the Soviet bowler (the soldier scratched his surname on it).

soviet bowler

The surname “KIRPICHEV” is scratched on the surface. Photo from «Война в болотах».

This is a very frequent find, so without any emotions, we continued our work. The next find was a German bowler hat from the First World War. This is already a more interesting find. After another 10 minutes, a friend dug up a men’s watch. There was a number on the back of the watch.

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german watches

German watches. Photo from «Война в болотах».

In the same pit I got a bottle of perfume, on which was a beautiful paper label. It was a French cologne ” Glockengasse №4711 “

French cologne.

French cologne. Photo from «Война в болотах».

Nearby, I dug up a German helmet, for which I had to fight with the roots of the trees. The helmet was not very rusty, with remnants of skin. Under this helmet lay a broken bottle on which the star of David was depicted – and this surprised us a little. At the same place I dug up two German flashlights, and several beer bottles. As soon as I buried the pit, a friend called me. From his voice, I realized that he had a good find. And I was right. With a smile on his face, he held a German camera in his hands. At home, we took it apart, but the film was destroyed by time.

German beer

A bottle that shows the star of David. Photo from «Война в болотах».

Germany camera.

Germany camera. Photo from «Война в болотах».

Germany camera.

Germany camera. Photo from «Война в болотах».

By the end of the day, we dug up many bottles of German alcohol, several artillery brass shells, tubes of French cosmetics, and another Wehrmacht helmet. On this our excavation day came to an end. Tired and happy, we went home.

German helmets.

German helmets. Photo from «Война в болотах».


All finds of this day. Photo from «Война в болотах».


Photo from «Война в болотах».



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