The Battle of Kursk. Movie

The Battle of Kursk, the largest tank battle of all time. The turning point of World War 2

The Kursk Battle (July 5 – August 23, 1943) is a combination of strategic defensive (July 5-23) and offensive (July 12 – August 23) operations of the Red Army in World War II with the goal of disrupting a major attack of the Wehrmacht forces and defeating its strategic grouping. In terms of its scope, forces and means involved, tension, results and military-political consequences, it is one of the key battles of the Second World War. In historiography it is considered the largest (greatest) tank battle in history. It was attended by about 2 million people, 6 thousand tanks, 4 thousand aircraft; the battle paved “the path to the great Soviet offensive operations of 1944-45.”

As a result of the offensive according to the Kutuzov plan, the Oryol group of German troops was defeated, and the Oryol strategic bridgehead occupied by it was liquidated. As a result of the “Commander Rumyantsev” operation was defeated the Belgorod-Kharkov group of Germans, and the corresponding bridgehead was also liquidated.

The fundamental turning point during the Second World War, which began near Stalingrad, was completed in the Battle of Kursk and the battle for the Dnieper. And in the subsequent Tehran conference, organised at the initiative of Roosevelt, the leaders of Allies countries discussed a plan created personally by Roosevelt “for the partition of Germany into five states”. More in the film.

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