The best metal detector for gold. How to choose?

The best metal detector for gold. How to choose?

The search for the noble metal has always attracted people. I agree, it’s nice to find gold coins or jewelry, nuggets. In this article, we will consider which are the best metal detectors to choose for gold prospecting, and we will help you choose a metal detector with the best combination of cost and parameters.

Features of choosing a metal detector for gold

When wondering which metal detectors can detect gold, it is necessary to consider in detail the parameters of such equipment and the options available. Gold coins and other products are excellently detected by metal detectors that operate at a high frequency, that is, above 14 kHz. The advantage of working at this frequency is the ability to detect small objects such as earrings, rings, coins.

found with a metal detector

So, let’s try to figure out which metal detector is better to look for gold? Searches for gold items are somewhat specific. In terms of its conductivity characteristics and the metal discrimination scale, gold has similar parameters to oxidized iron, for this reason, an expanded range of ferrous metals should be provided in a metal detector for gold coins. Coins and jewelry made of precious metal are mostly small in size, so the device must also have a high sensitivity to small objects.

If you are wondering what kind of metal detector is looking for gold, then any device can find gold jewelry or a coin, it all depends on the user’s settings and the capabilities of the device. If you set out to find gold jewelry or coins, then you need to choose models of devices that filter out signals of ferrous metals that have no value.

Metal detector requirements for effective gold prospecting

When asked how to choose a metal detector for gold, we will answer that in order to effectively search for coins and gold jewelry, the device must have the following functions:

  • discrimination. Since the precious metal is on the verge of the parameters of oxidized ferrous metals, finds from it at a depth of more than 20 cm can be perceived by the device as ferrous metal. In particular, this applies to old gold and precious metals with low fineness. For this reason, the detector must provide a wide search range to clearly distinguish between precious metal and rusted objects. Thanks to this function, you can make more precise adjustments to the search for gold coins and jewelry;
  • the degree of sensitivity to small objects. A gold finder should be able to detect even small objects with ease. These options are available with a prospecting coil that detects gold even in water;
  • ground settings. It is not often that precious metal seekers find worthwhile finds on pure black earth. In most cases, gold is found in a highly mineralized environment that negatively affects prospecting performance. On the beach, salty sand becomes an obstacle to search. Therefore, to increase efficiency, it is necessary to use automatic and manual settings of the selected metal detector.
Gold found with a metal detector

Gold found with a metal detector

Types of metal detectors for gold and their specificity

Let’s answer the question, which metal detectors react to gold – universal and specialized. Universal devices make it possible to search for various targets, including gold finds. This type of metal detector is characterized by an extended set of options that can be manually adjusted to find old coins, jewelry and other gold items.

Expensive specialized instruments have been developed to successfully search for and identify gold, even in areas where a standard device fails.

The ability of your chosen metal detector to detect gold depends on its parameters and adjustments. Today, there are various models on the market in a wide price range, you just need to figure out which metal detector for gold meets your expectations.

The priority parameters are discrimination and the tightness of the search coil. The second characteristic means the depth to which the device is allowed to be lowered under water for searching. Many metal detector coils in modern models are filled with a compound to ensure maximum tightness under water. The immersion depth depends on the length of the reel cord and hose, in most cases the immersion depth varies between 30-50 cm.

 metal detector

Standard metal detectors have sufficient settings for recreational beach use. Professionals use devices of a different class, which have significant differences:

  • devices have selective discrimination. Expensive models have a display that shows a scale with segments for certain classes of metals. Using the settings, you can add or remove metals from the search range;
  • the presence of a sealed coil that allows you to search not only on land but also under water;
  • damping function for extraneous noise and interference for use on soils with high mineralization.

Criteria for choosing a metal detector for gold prospecting

In the process of searching for gold items, coins, jewelry, it is necessary to take into account certain search criteria. It is impossible to determine what a good metal detector is for gold based on one specific criterion alone. For an optimal choice, it is necessary to take a set of parameters based on the tasks for which you plan to purchase a metal detector and financial capabilities.

The main criteria are as follows:

Depth. Cheap models can find precious metal at a depth of 10-15 cm, devices of the middle price range detect gold at a depth of 50 cm. Professional equipment can detect yellow metal at a depth of 2 m, however, errors are not uncommon;

The ability to distinguish between metals. Expensive models are equipped with the option to distinguish more than three metals;

Digital target identification and precise coordinates setting. Some models are equipped with the option to accurately set the coordinates of the find (not a very useful feature);

Ground balance. Expensive models have a built-in jamming option on contaminated soils, which greatly facilitates the task of finding gold;

Iron Audio mode or programmed search. Allows you to manually set the search parameters, which significantly saves time and allows you to set up the metal detector specifically to search for coins or old treasures.

Gold found with a metal detector

Gold found with a metal detector

Price categories of metal detectors 

When choosing which metal detector to buy for searching for gold, we recommend focusing on the price category, since this way you can determine which category of users the equipment is focused on. Price groups suggest:

  • metal detectors under $ 140. – suitable only for playing with children, they can find scrap metal or coins from different metals in parks;
  • devices for $ 140-200. are intended for amateurs who wish to use the device one-time for entertainment purposes. The depth of detection in the devices is no more than 50 cm. However, they lack modern technologies, so they are not suitable for professional gold prospecting;
  • devices from the price range of $ 200-400. are considered devices for novice treasure hunters. Many devices can cut off extraneous noise and operate at different frequencies. However, only some models can be classified as semi-professional devices;
  • detectors costing $ 400-650 are considered equipment for professional treasure hunters. The devices unambiguously screen out ferrous metals, and the search depth reaches 1 meter. Such metal detectors have many manual settings, increased sensitivity and cut off extraneous noise and signals. In addition to coins, the device can search for nuggets in rivers and small bodies of water;
  • metal detectors from $ 650 are manufactured using the latest technology. Each device has unique features that are kept secret. Such equipment can find gold, coins and treasures even among sand, bricks and clay soil.

If you plan to professionally search for old coins and treasures, then when asked which metal detector is better to buy for searching for gold, the unequivocal answer is – choose a professional model with the latest technology. So you will have more chances to find really worthwhile and rare coins, gold items, jewelry and treasures.

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