The dead may take revenge.

The dead may take revenge.

Places of bloody battles and mass graves are considered by some scientists as geopathic zones due to anomalous phenomena which occur on them. The explanation of this is a lot of unburied remains, and all living things avoid these places. It’s very scary in such places at night. Tourists and diggers engines hear creepy, strange sounds, as if from the other world, and indeed something mysterious happens.

Illegal diggers looking for weapons and artifacts from the Second World War very often tell about mystical events happened with them during excavations. And often these stories are similar. I want to tell you a story of one illegal digger.

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He told me the following:

– We camped on the river. A German trench was excavated, in which there were 4 German soldiers. We removed all the awards and weapons from them, and went to the camp, as the night was soon. At midnight we heard German speech, the noise of tank engines and dog barking. Everyone was afraid to look out of the tent. We could not sleep until dawn. In the morning we found traces of tank caterpillars, dog paws and traces of German boots … After that, we did not go to the excavation site for a month. And one comrade completely abandoned the excavation.

Believe it or not, this is the choice of each of us. But over the years, there are more and more such stories.



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