The France and Germany Star. Great Britain

I present to you the awards of the Kingdom of Great Britain for soldiers who have proved themselves on the battlefield. All medals are in my collection (Apolon).

Great Britain badges

Great Britain’s military award during the Second World War. The star was established (originally in 1943) on May 8, 1945 at the suggestion of Prime Minister W. Churchill, First Lord of the Treasury and Minister of Defense at the behest of His Majesty George VI (1936-1952), in honor of the victory of the Allied forces over Germany and its satellites.

The France and Germany Star

The France and Germany Star

The France and Germany Star. Photo by Apolon.

This medal was awarded for service in France, Belgium, Holland or Germany between the day “D” and the surrender of Germany (June 6, 1944 – May 8, 1945). The prerequisite for the award was participation in at least one operation (even if the service lasted one day) in these countries. For military personnel involved in naval operations under conditions of support for ground forces, the area of ​​operations was determined by the following lines in the north of the Firth of Forth Bay (Scotland), in the east by the port of Kristiansand (Norway), in the south by the English Channel, in the south by the Bay of Biscay (no further less than 6 ° west longitude from the west coast of France).

In the center of the star is the monogram of King George VI, surrounded by a ring with a crown at the top. There is an inscription on the ring indicating the name of the award: “THE FRANCE AND GERMANY STAR” (“French-German Star”). The reverse side of the coin is flat, like the others in this series

The France and Germany Star

The France and Germany Star. Photo by Apolon

The ribbon of the medal had a width of 1.25 inches and consists of strips of equal width – blue, white, red, white and blue, symbolizing the colors of the flag of the United Kingdom, as well as the flags of France and the Netherlands. The colors of Belgium are not represented (the color scheme of the ribbon was developed by King George VI). The awards could be personalized (information about the owner on the reverse side) and not.

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There are no name medals of this type in my collection

Indian soldier awarded a French German star

Indian soldier awarded with a French German star. Photo by

Personalized awards mostly belonged to Indian soldiers of the British Indian Army.



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