The history of one quite good dugout

The history of one quite good dugout

Hi everybody! I’m Anastasia. I’m actually a make-up artist for a living, but digging has been my passion for the last 10 years.

Here is a story about a really interesting dugout we recently found in Leningrad front:
None of us expected to find much in this shelter. I mean, to get to this place required us to drive 40 km down a dirt road, and that was just to reach the forest. We had to take the ATV 4 km more. We checked out a bunch of dugouts in this small “dugout city” but couldn’t find anything special. It wasn’t until we found a Mauser’s cartridge pouch in almost perfect condition that we realized we might be able to find some amazing things here afterall.

mauser cartridge pouch

Mauser cartridge pouch. Photo by @La_anastasia

If you look at the photo, you can see the following inscribed on the side of the pouch: “Berlin 1935, G. Genschow & Co A. G.” Everything, including the leather, metal rivets, and ring, is like new. AND the pouch was full of ammunition in near-perfect condition, thanks to the blue clay in this region that has preserved everything so well.

Our next find was this Wehrmacht Mauser bayonet knife K-98, also in perfect condition. The trademark “E. PACK & S.” reads well. The handle is made of Bakelite pads.

Wehrmacht bayonet knife K-98. Photo by @La_anastasia

Wehrmacht bayonet knife K-98

Wehrmacht bayonet knife K-98. Photo by @La_anastasia

Even now, people ask me why I don’t sell it. My answer is that it’s not mine to sell.

By the time we reached the floor of the dugout, we found a number of items, such as prewar German coins, different stationery (a few pen and pencils, one of pencil is with retractable rod), a small penknife with pearl pads, glass typewriter nameplate, and buttons.  We also found a Red Army star, as this territory was under control of Russian troops since 1943. Looks like they weren’t much interested in this dugout or just didn’t have the time for it.

German pen and pencils

German pen and pencils. Photo by @La_anastasia

German penknife

German penknife. Photo by @La_anastasia

I also found a wedding ring with gilding and «gold double» inscribed inside. It’s really so interesting that we couldn’t find anything until we were 1.5 m deep into really heavy blue clay.

ring with gilding

Ring with gilding. Photo by @La_anastasia

In another dugout, we found parts of a dining table and four spoon-forks, two of which are iron, one aluminum, and the last one was stainless steel (the latter being a very rare find)

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german spoon fork

I’m shooting stainless steel spoon-fork

german spoon fork

Iron german spoon fork. Photo by @La_anastasia

german spoon fork

Aluminium spoon fork. Photo by @La_anastasia

We also found a rather typical ceramic bottle that may have been used for wine, gin, liquor or other type of schnapps.

german ceramic bottle

German ceramic bottle. Photo by @La_anastasia

Check out this Bakelite glass used as a German flask.

Bakelite glass for a German flask

Bakelite glass for a German flask. Photo by @La_anastasia

And of course we found helmet with a hole, mountain huntsman glasses, wooden stick from a standard tent installation set, and cologne bottle. Here below a few general photos with different stuff from that dugout.

Findings from dugout. Photo by @La_anastasia

german ww2

Findings from dugout. Photo by @La_anastasia

We spent three days camping and digging here. This was during the summer, so it was very hot with lots of gnats, but that didn’t dampen our enthusiasm.

digger girl


Dugout after digging. Photo by @La_anastasia

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