The Second World War: The Battle of Midway. Movie

75 years ago, a naval battle took place between the United States and Japan at the Pacific atoll of Midway.

It would be more accurate to call it an aerial battle, since the battle on both sides was fought mainly by aircraft. After Pearl Harbor and the capture of Southeast Asia, Hawaii became Japan’s next target. Tokyo hoped that the second heavy defeat and loss of a part of the national territory would force Washington to seek peace under any conditions.The strategic value for striking Hawaii was the Midway Islands (or rather, three tiny islands with a total area of only 6.23 square kilometers) 2134 km northwest of Honolulu.

Midway marked the beginning of a new era in naval affairs, and in terms of its influence on the course of World War II, it is comparable to the Battle of Stalingrad. On the Volga, a turning point occurred during the hostilities on the main land front. Since then, the Wehrmacht, in spite of individual attempts to advance and even local successes, as a whole has only moved back.

In the same way, Midway radically changed the balance of power in the Pacific Ocean, making the defeat of Japan a matter of time, finally securing the Soviet Far East and depriving Berlin and Tokyo of even the theoretical ability to coordinate their actions.

At first, the battle was with varying success, but, unlike Pearl Harbor, the Japanese failed to achieve taking the enemy by surprise. We can say that the battle was won by American cryptographers before the start. In addition, luck played a big role. All the details and moments of the battle are presented in the film.

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