Total aviation losses and destroyed Japanese Planes after the End of WWII

The video shows the situation filmed by an American operator after the surrender of Japan in World War II. Hundreds of crashed planes, hundreds of tons of metal, that’s all what remained out of the imperial air force.

During World War II, Japan was the winner in the number of lost aircraft and killed pilots.

Internet sources provide such statistics:

  • 60,750 killed pilots
  • 41,575 aircraft

The number of dead pilots is bigger due to the crash of bombers and carriers of MXY7 shells, where there were numerous crews. It is not known whether the planes bombed at the airfields and the dead pilots are among the casualties, although their number is rather considerable. The statistics of suicide losses of pilots who were not members of the kamikaze units, but who rammed or attacked the ships on their own initiative or from despair, is also unknown. According to experts, there were at least 200-300 such cases.

And a large percentage of losses in this statistics are added by kamikaze attacks on the US Navy.

According to the Japanese, 2,800 aircraft were lost during the operations of the kamikaze units, in which 3,862 suicide bombers died, about 12-15% of which were professional military.

Kamikaze attack

Kamikaze attack through the eyes of the artist.



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