World War II treasure found in London

World War II treasure found in London

London is full of old buildings that are legally protected. Owners have to spend a lot of time and money modernizing buildings that never had electricity or plumbing, let alone Wifi. It was during one of these structural renovations that a huge treasure of old banknotes dating back to WWII was found beneath the floorboards. The building used to house the historic Bradley Gowns store, and the bank notes most likely came from during that time. The total amount exceeded 30,000 pounds, a huge amount of money for the time.

The Bradleys stores were high end and sold very expensive clothing. Their clients included members of the royal family, Prime Minister Winston Churchill and his wife Clementine Churchill (this was her favorite store), as well as American Hollywood stars and French actress Brigitte Bardot.

London treasure

London treasure. Sourse

Archaelogists believe that the banknotes were most likely hidden during the Second World War by one of the members of the Bradley family. As you can see, the condition of the banknotes found is very poor, due to being buried in the ground for 80 years.


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